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Erin's Coaching Approach

With years of experience successfully partnering with dance studio owners, preschool educators and childcare providers to create sustainable preschool dance programs in their communities, Erin is now coaching dance studio owners and other entrepreneurs like you to successfully scale their businesses. 

By working with Erin, you will learn how to expand your business outside the four walls of your studio, increase your enrollment and attract a never ending river of students into your studio. Erin can help you make more money and help more people!

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Get to Know Erin

Erin began teaching dance in 1998 at local studios in central California. She has taught children as well as adults from California to North Carolina. In 2005, she focused her career on educating children of preschool age and found a new love for early childhood education. She is the founder and director of Birdy’s Kids in Motion, a mobile dance company specializing in weekly themed classes for preschoolers, and continues to create innovative curriculum for children ages 2-5.

In 2015, Erin decided that the best way to reach more students was to be able to empower the educators and Dance Biz in a Bag, Erin's done-for-you business model for those interested in creating a profitable and fun mobile dance company, was born. She began educating others in the field during her wildly successful workshops at conventions such as NAEYC and CAEYC. Coaching and mentorship of dance studio owners was the next natural step.

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