Studio Owners Need a Community of Support as We Start to Reopen from COVID-19

Jun 04, 2020

As we start to reopen from COVID-19, studio owners need their community of support more than ever before. How and when we reopen our studios may be an individual decision, and yet it helps knowing others are in our same boat as we’ve weathered this storm.

We may be excited, worried, anxious, hopeful, or experience a number of other emotions about the thought of reopening. Some days we experience all of these in a single hour!

However we feel about it, let’s face it … whatever we do with our studios as the country reopens, it’s going to make someone angry.

Open and require masks … someone is going to be angry.

Open and don’t require masks … someone is going to be angry.

Open with restrictions on class size … someone is going to be angry.

Open without restrictions on class size … someone is going to be angry.

Open the studio and continue an online option … someone is going to be angry.

Open the studio and don’t continue an online option … someone is going to be angry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with another studio owner going through the same thing? Someone who has to make the same tough decisions you are? Someone who “gets” it?

Maybe even a tribe of someones?

It’s not only “nice” to do so, I suggest that it’s essential.

Psychologists agree.

Feeling Understood is an Essential Human Need

For example, Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. writes in Psychology Today that “not feeling that others really know us can leave us feeling hopelessly estranged from the rest of humanity. It may well be that feeling understood is a prerequisite for our other desires to be satisfyingly fulfilled.”

Dr. Seltzer explains that feeling understood confirms your identity, makes you feel accepted and gives you a sense of belonging. You feel that you’re part of something larger than yourself.

As studio owners, we face unique challenges when we go to work, which can leave us feeling alone. It helps when we have a community of fellow studio owners who understand because they’re facing the same challenges. It’s great to brainstorm solutions with people who have insights that those outside our industry simply can’t have.

When we have a win to celebrate, it’s more meaningful when we celebrate with other studio owners who understand just what that win really means.

Fellow studio owners “get” you in a way that nobody else does. They know you — at least the entrepreneurial, professional you — better than your spouse, better than your family, better than your non-studio owner friends.

They understand you.

You need them because of that understanding.


Your ONE THING for this week is to find a community of support specifically made up of fellow studio owners and start connecting.

Find YOUR tribe — your community — that understands YOU as a studio owner.

Who better to understand the range of emotions you’re feeling right now as you make all the decisions about what reopening will look like for you?

I invite you to check out my private Facebook group — Teach Preschool Dance to see if we might be a community you’d like to belong to. We’re in this together, and we’d love to emerge from this pandemic stronger with you alongside the rest of us.


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