Put On Your Own Mask First as You Lead Through Crisis

Apr 16, 2020

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, you’re strong. You take care of business. You get things done.

You rise to the challenge that a crisis presents. You’re there to lead and support your team, your students, and your family.

Except … sometimes all that weight you’re carrying on your strong shoulders can become unbearable. It can feel like it will break you.

It won’t. As long as you lead and support yourself along with everyone else.

There’s a reason the airlines instruct you to put on your own mask first in the case of an emergency. You can’t help others if you can’t breathe … if you haven’t first taken care of yourself.

Prioritizing your own self-care right now is just as important as it would be during an in-flight crisis. You set the tone for everything and everyone else around you by how you first take care of yourself.


Self-care looks different for each individual person, but here are a few ideas:

  • Give yourself five quiet minutes to sit and simply breathe. In and out. In and out. Nothing else for five whole minutes.
  • Give yourself permission to have a good, hard, ugly cry in the shower. Let it all out and let it run down the shower drain.
  • Get outside and let the sunshine soak into your skin while you get some exercise. Go for a run. Walk the dog. If it’s raining, dance in the rain!
  • Dig in the dirt to feel literally grounded. Pull weeds. Plant a flower. Plant a garden. Let your inner child out and dig a hole just for the sake of digging a hole.
  • Take time to do something just for you. Read a book. Listen to music. Take a bubble bath. Take a nap.

Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent. It does not mean that you stop caring about everyone else.

On the contrary, it means you care enough about them to take care of yourself, too.



Here’s your ONE THING for this week: Identify something that grounds you and brings calmness to your life … something that you can do right now … and then DO IT.

You may not be able to control everything in life, but you’re in charge of you. And I believe you’re the person for the job. You’ve got this.


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