Fill Your Studio by Going Outside the Studio

May 14, 2020


Do you dream of a bustling studio, full classes, perhaps even a waiting list of students eager to sign up for your programs?

Are you ready for the satisfaction and FREEDOM of having a life and a business you love?

What if I told you that you could have all of this simply by thinking outside the box you’ve placed your studio in?

Let me explain …

I once was where you are now. Business was okay but not booming. Seasonal dips (especially summer) stressed me out and had me worried about cash flow.

After 10 years of teaching dance in various studio spaces, I still saw the potential in this business, yet I felt like real success was just out of reach. I was determined, though, and looked for ways to bridge the gap.

I found it by thinking outside the box … by going outside the four walls of the physical studio.

For me, this looked like reaching — and even teaching — students where they already were. I partnered with daycare facilities and preschools to offer onsite dance programs to their students.

It was a game-changer. And it can be for you, too.

Because the mobile dance program provides revenue, AND it filters students who want more directly into your studio programs.


Imagine …

  • capacity classes filled with students eager to learn
  • a steady, never-ending flow of new students
  • the financial rewards of an additional income stream
  • a flexible, scalable business model with limitless potential

A mobile preschool dance program provides all this and more.

Now is the time!

If you want a shady yard, you should have planted a tree 20 years ago. According to the Chinese proverb, the second-best time to plant a tree is right now.

The same is true with a mobile dance program. Let’s be realistic … just as planting a new tree now won’t give you a fully shaded yard this summer, adding a mobile program now may or may not fill your studio and solve your summertime low cash flow issue this summer.

However, it’s imperative that you start now to add the programs that will add students to your studio in the future.

You must start bridging the gap. And there’s no better time than now to begin.


Here’s your ONE THING for this week: Take a drive and look at your local area through the lens of opportunity. How many daycares, preschools, senior centers can you spot?

There are abundant opportunities out there when you think outside your studio walls.

By the way … this week’s ONE THING is Step 1 of my “7-Step Quickstart Checklist to a Mobile Program.”  You can download the entire checklist here.


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