Celebrate Success, Both Large and Small

May 28, 2020

Parents celebrate a baby’s single first step. Some people celebrate 10,000 steps walked in a single day. Marathoners celebrate completing 26.2 miles (by the way, that’s anywhere from 55,000 to 63,000 steps) in an average of four to five hours.

On the face of it, a single step isn’t nearly as noteworthy as 10,000 steps in a day. Likewise, those 10,000 steps pale in comparison to 63,000 steps in under six hours.

But each of these accomplishments is significant in its own right. Each win — large or small — is worthy of celebration.

The same is true for the wins you achieve as a studio owner.

Whether it’s enrolling your first or your 100th student … hiring your first or your 10th staff member … launching a new class, a new program, or a new marketing campaign …

Every success is worthy of celebration.

Here’s why …

Celebrating your success — whether it’s a private journal entry or a full-scale party — is an expression of gratitude for that success. It’s an acknowledgment that the hard work you put in was worth it. It makes you feel good. And it’s fun.

When you can lead with gratitude and focus on joy, you set the tone for your studio to be flooded with positivity. And when you celebrate success instead of ignoring it, you will attract even more success into your studio.

5 Ways to Celebrate Success in Your Studio

  1. Keep a “Success Log” or “Success Journal.” Make regular entries to record your successes.
  2. Have a dance party. Whether just you, with your staff, or with students and their families … who doesn’t love a good dance party as a celebration?
  3. Decorate the studio or just your office. Bring in festive balloons, streamers, or flowers. Something to signify a celebration.
  4. Pop the bubbly! Champagne, sparkling cider, or even fizzy water … lift a glass and toast your success!
  5. Create your personal victory playlist and play it often. Even better, crank up the volume and sing along! This could happen alone in your studio after hours, in your car, at a team meeting, or maybe at home with your family.

However, you choose to celebrate success, make it a regular business practice. Find small wins to celebrate in between the big, obvious ones.

When you do, you’ll find that you’re happier, more satisfied, and less burnt out.


Here’s your ONE THING for this week: At the end of the week, identify at least one thing that went really well, take time to celebrate it, and then plan how to use that win to propel your success into next week.

Cheers … here’s to celebrating your success!


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